Are ecigarettes cheaper than regular cigarettes?
Our customers report saving between 50-70% per month using e-cigarettes as opposed to regular cigarettes. It varies depending on how much you vape, what you buy, how often you buy, and what cigarettes cost in your area.
How can I produce more vapor?
Try batteries where you are able to adjust the heat for a bigger hit. Also, consider using lower-resistance cartomizers or coils. Lower resistance coils burn hotter and produce more vapor than higher-resistance cartomizers/coils. For maximum vapor production look into rebuildables tanks. They are bit more work and not the most beginner friendly setup but the experience is unlike any other.
Is it normal to hear a crackling or popping sound when I am hitting my e-cig?
Yes, this is completely normal. This is just the sound of the e-juice being vaporized. Think of it like when you are cooking using vegetable oil and it crackles on the stove.
What are the ingredients of e-juice?
There are four basic ingredients in e-juices which are food-grade flavoring, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, and nicotine. There are also a lot of flavor options that come with a non-nicotine option.
Why is my battery flashing?
When a battery flashes it typically means it the battery is low and needs to be charged.
What is Vegetable Glycerin?
Vegetable Glycerin is one of the ingredients of the ejuice used in electronic cigarettes and it is an extract taken out of vegetables. It is similar to vegetable oil which everyone is familiar with in cooking.
What VG/PG ratio of juice should I get?
For tanks that use a bottom coil or cartomizer we recommend a thinner juice such as 50/50 or 60/40. If you use any juice with a higher percentage of VG you should at least have a dual coil tank or rebuildable tank or dripper.
My tank is leaking juice onto the top portion of my battery, is this normal?
It is normal for a small amount of liquid to drip onto the top portion of your battery. Less expensive tanks will do this more than more expensive higher quality tanks. If your tank is doing this a lot you may want to try switching out your coil. Also try to take slower drags so the juice is properly vaporized.
I keep getting juice in my mouth when I am taking a hit, is my tank broken?
A majority of the time when this is happening it is due to the way that you are hitting your electronic cigarette (ecig). A lot of new users will try to hit their ecig the same way they would hit a regular cigarette. Electronic cigarettes are not meant to be hit the same way as normal cigarettes. This usually indicates that you are hitting the ecig too hard. What ends up happening is you are sucking the juice too quickly past the heating coil that it doesn’t have time to vaporize so it ends up coming up through the mouth piece. This can be fixed by slowing down your drags, which will actually get you a much better hit and you will end up having a much better ecig experience.
Why is my mechanical mod not working?
First thing to do is make sure that all of the contact points are adjusted properly. Take off the top section of the mod where the tank is screwed on. Make sure that the pin that comes up to meet the tank is adjusted properly where it is making contact with the bottom of the tank. If there is a second pin to adjust battery rattle make sure that is adjusted so the battery is securely held in place. If this doesn’t work take off the bottom section of the mod where the firing button is located and make sure the metal pin located in the middle of the delrin ring (the plastic ring surrounding the contact pin) is tightened down and not loose. If still it is not working it is always smart to try a different battery in the mod to see if that was the issue.