Singler and Doubler E-liquid/E-juice

What are Singler and Doubler E-liquid/E-juice ?


What is Singler?

Singler are a full bottle of e-juice which is ready to vape and is not designed to have any nicotine added.

If you’re vaping without nicotine, then you will want to use for the singler option of e-liquid.


What is Doubler?

Doublers, on the other hand, are designed to make it easier for people to add nicotine to their e-liquid. These bottles come half filled, but the flavor is double concentrated.
You generally wouldn’t vape the contents of a doubler without adding an unflavored nicotine base to the bottle. This is because the flavor would be too strong and not the way the juice manufacturer intended. A doubler or singler bottle look identical, and the only difference is that a doubler will contain half a bottle of liquid whereas a singler will be filled to the top.

Those who are planning on using a doubler would have previously purchased a bottle of unflavored nicotine base from an overseas vendor as at this stage nicotine is not regulated for sale in Australia. The doubler bottle is simply filled with the nicotine base and is then ready to be vaped. It should be noted that if you are planning to add your own nicotine you need to add double the strength that you want to vape. For example, if you are looking for a 9mg strength, you would purchase unflavoured nicotine at 18mg. Once that is added to the liquid in your doubler, the nicotine strength will be diluted by half, creating a 9mg bottle of e-liquid.

The doubler is a double-strength concentrated vaping e-liquid which needs to be diluted before use for vaping. All you need to do is import your own nicotine, and add it to the doublers.

Most of doublers come in bottles twice their volume to make adding the nicotine easier. Basically, you take your bottle of doubler, and fill it to the top with nicotine, give it a shake, and it is ready to vape.

There are the different level of nicotine use in personal vaporisers:

  • 24mg/ml Nicotine is Heavy, Full-Flavour or Strength Cigarettes
  • 18mg/ml Nicotine Regular
  • 12mg/mL Nicotine Light
  • 6mg/mL Nicotine Ultra Light
  • 0mg/mL Nicotine, which is there is no nicotine in the E-Liquid.

If you want to use nicotine on your eliquid, please always start with a low level of nicotine, if you are vape too much nicotine you can feel dizzy or nauseous! If you start hiccuping, feel nauseous or dizzy while vaping, consider moving to a lower-strength nicotine level.

Once you have decided on which nicotine level you want to start vaping, the easiest way to get started is to import nicotine in double the strength of what you want to vape.

  • If you want to start vaping at 24mg/ml, then you will need to import 48mg/ml nicotine.
  • If you want to start vaping at 18mg/ml, then you will need to import 36mg/ml nicotine.
  • If you want to start vaping at 12mg/ml, then you will need to import 24mg/ml nicotine.
  • If you want to start vaping at 6mg/ml, then you need to get 12mg/ml nicotine.
  • Adding 15ml of 48mg/ml nicotine to a 15ml 0mg/ml doubler will create 30ml of 24mg/ml e-liquid.
  • Adding 15ml of 36mg/ml nicotine to a 15ml 0mg/ml doubler will create 30ml of 18mg/ml e-liquid.
  • Adding 15ml of 24mg/ml nicotine to a 15ml 0mg/ml doubler will create 30ml of 12mg/ml e-liquid.
  • Adding 15ml of 12mg/ml nicotine to a 15ml 0mg/ml doubler will create 30ml of 6mg/ml e-liquid.

You can import your nicotine from overseas like China, USA, and New Zealand are by far the most common places to source nicotine.

WARNING: DO NOT BUY “100% Nicotine” or “PURE NICOTINE”. This is the equivalent of 1000mg/ml concentration and is extremely dangerous to handle by anyone, not in a hazmat suit.

After you mix your nicotine to your doubler then shake well, and wait for it to steep.

What is steeping?
Steeping is the process in which nicotine oxidizes with your e-liquid. The benefit is to the taste of a good e-liquid, and almost all e-liquid benefits from steeping.
Each product page has a recommended “steep time” before the e-liquid is as it’s best, but generally, fruits and mints take the shortest amount of time to steep, followed by bakery-type flavors and tobacco. The shelf-life of e-liquids starts the moment nicotine is added, there is a period of steeping, then a period of ideal oxidation/flavor, then a period of decline.
Generally speaking, e-liquid is best consumed within 6 months of adding nicotine, but they do not go off.
To speed up the steeping process by giving the e-liquid a shake every once in a while, applying gentle heat (for example, a crock-pot filled with water on low) or some people even use ultrasonic jewelry cleaners!