What is the best e-liquid flavor

When it comes to the best e-liquid flavor, everyone is different. Some taste maybe loves by others but it does not mean you will like it too, so what is the best e-juice for you. It is not hard to find the best e-liquid that match with your style, if you like eating banana then you might try the banana taste e-juice if you like chocolate then you might starting to try chocolate taste e-liquid if you like menthol then you might try the e-liquid with menthol taste. You might be love to drink cool chocolate (Chocolate with ice) then you might try chocolate mint. There so many flavors you can choose but at the end of the day, you will find a few e-juice flavor that you love the most, out of the others taste of electronic cigarette e-liquid flavor.

How to choose the best e-liquid e-cigarettes flavor that you will love, is starting with the taste or smell that you like in your personal life, for example, if you like coffee, doughnut, chocolate, liqueur, beer, mint, candy, or anything that you like eating, drinking or smelling, you can start with that taste of e-juice.

When you get the taste that you like the most then you are Set. You fell like you get a friend in your pocket, other than your mobile phone.
If you are smoking old style of cigarette, you maybe need to chew a chewing gum to make your breath smell nice cause by the smell of cigarette that many people don’t like it, when vaping e-cigarette you don’t really need the chewing gum or breath freshener, cause there is no bad smell on e-liquid, even make your breath is smell nice, unless you have a very bad breath :).

The new era of cigarette is coming, it is called e-cigarettes or e-cigs or vape or vaping, whatever you want to call it, you will love this kind e-cigarettes.

Good Luck with your adventure in the new era or Vaping.